1989 Ferrari F40

  • Year 1989
  • Mileage 60,000 Kilometres
  • Exterior Colour Rosso
  • Interior Colour Rosso
  • VIN No. 80774
  • Price INQUIRE

1989 Ferrari F40


One can rightly opine that Ferrari's 201mph F40 is the definitive supercar, and has a formidable reputation alongside the 250 GTO as possibly the best road-going Ferrari built to date. With the seismic introduction of the F40 in 1987, Ferrari and Pininfarina produced an era-defining creation of angular beauty, one that even today is instantly recognisable by old and young enthusiasts alike.

The 2.9L flat-plane crank V8 at the heart of the F40 produced 470HP through the assistance of dual IHI turbochargers, and with a svelte curb weight of 2,765lbs, the F40 was staggeringly fast thanks to a mammoth power-to-weight ratio, earning it the title of being the first road car to surpass the mythical 200mph boundary. Closely derived from the Group B 288 GTO and the experimental GTO Evoluzione, the F40 exudes what was the pinnacle of Ferrari motorsport technologies at the time, with the extensive use of carbonfiber composites, massive turbochargers, and minimal driver aids, the F40 instantaneously held a steadfast placement within the hallowed halls of automotive greats. 

The Cultivated Collector’s 1989 Ferrari F40, Chassis 80774, is an early example of the breed and is a “Non-Cat Non-Adjust” that was supplied new in 1989 through the French Ferrari distributor Charles Pozzi. 80774’s first caretaker, Emile Balthazard, was a very well known and respected French enthusiast who exercised the car frequently while maintaining the highest of maintenance standards.

Mr. Balthazard would lovingly care for 80774 for just over 20 years until the car moved to the UK where DK Engineering would sell the car to its first UK owner, who would retain the car for a short two year period. The subsequent caretaker would retain stewardship of 80774 for 10 years, where during that time the car would reside, fully pampered, at DK Engineering’s state of the art storage facilities, while receiving regular attention by their masterful service department.

Recently, in June of 2019, 80774 received its last major service which included replacement of the cambelts, as well as four new tires and fitting new fuel tanks, and in March of 2020 the car would return to DK Engineering’s service team to be the recipient of a new clutch and flywheel. Since completion of this most recent work in 2020, the car had covered a mere 300km before being acquired in January of 2022 by The Cultivated Collector, thus beginning its latest adventure stateside.

Complete with history documents from new, manuals, Classiche binder, and tool kit, 80774 is ready and needing nothing beyond an enthusiastic new caretaker. 80774 is an example that represents a splendid and unique F40 ownership opportunity, as the 60,000km the car has covered to date ensures future stewards the opportunity of carefree enjoyment of the car for what it is - a masterpiece of Ferrari engineering to the highest degree.