2002 BMW Z8

  • Year 2002
  • Mileage 21,850 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Schwarz II
  • Interior Colour Crema/Schwarz
  • Price $189,995

2002 BMW Z8

Exploding onto the world stage at the 1997 Tokyo Motor show, BMW’s Z8 concept car was met with world-wide adoration. Henrik Fisker’s retro-classic design drew heavy inspiration from the achingly beautiful BMW 507 roadster, with the Z8 featuring sleek and timeless clean lines, creating a low-slung profile. The interior of the BMW Z8, designed by Scott Lempert, showcased an ideal blend of modern and retro styling while clad in high-quality materials, such as leather and aluminum, along with a minimalist layout. The dashboard incorporated a centrally-mounted instrument cluster, canted slightly towards the driver, and a simple yet elegant design leveraging numerous multifunction controls to reduce visual clutter.

Beauty, however, was simply not skin deep. The Z8 had an aluminum space-frame construction to keep the weight low and provide excellent rigidity, while its heart, the S62 4.9-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, sat behind the front axles creating an ideal 50/50 weight balance. Similar to the S62 found in the E39 M5, the Z8 boasted 400 horsepower and was paired with a six-speed manual transmission, delivering an exhilarating grand touring experience. During a Car & Driver comparison test, the magazine outfit quickly discovered the Z8 outperformed its contemporary benchmark, the revered Ferrari 360 Modena, in the handling, acceleration, and braking categories. Munich had birthed a modern classic that could perform as brilliantly as it was designed.

During its production run from 1998-2003 the Z8 was produced in limited numbers, with around 5,700 examples of the retro-classic design leaving Munich production facilities. Since its inception, the Z8 has steadily become a modern classic and BMW icon, its timeless design and engaging driving dynamics making it highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

The Cultivated Collector’s 2002 BMW Z8, Chassis 61858, is an alluring example of the breed. 61858 has traveled 21,850 miles from new and wears its original coat of Schwarz II over a gorgeously supple Crema/Schwarz leather interior, making it one of 331 examples, and is complete with its matching Schwarz II hardtop. Exceptionally maintained and cared for, and available with books, factory tools, and records, this Z8 is the ideal choice for weekend jaunts with its beautifully retro open-air driving experience.