2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

  • Year 2014
  • Mileage 2,011 Miles
  • Exterior Colour Grigio Ferro Metallic
  • Interior Colour Gray/Red
  • VIN No. 03421
  • Price $569,995

2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Cultivated Collector’s 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale, chassis 03421, was produced in June of 2014 in Maranello, destined to live a wonderful life in the United States. Sold new by the renowned marque specialist Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, CT, 03421 is finished in the stunning, yet mature, shade of Grigio Ferro Metallic and is adorned with Nero Stellato stripes, while the interior is covered in swaths of gray alcantara and the seats receiving red inserts. 

Over the years, 03421 has had just two owners from new, with its most recent caretaker enjoying the car sparingly since 2015. Having covered a scant 2,000 miles, 03421 presents in exceptional and highly original condition today, benefiting greatly from loving long term ownership and consistent servicing. In early May of 2024, servicing at Miller Motorcars included a fresh set of spark plugs in preparation for sale.

Oft regarded as the pinnacle of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8 lineage, the 458 Speciale is hailed as offering an unparalleled experience as one of the most refined, yet visceral, mid-engined V8 Ferrari’s extant.

Dripping with Ferrari’s latest motorsport technology, the 458 Speciale benefits massively not just from being 200lbs lighter than its standard 458 counterpart, but also from a 35HP increase found through revised ECU mapping, revised combustion chambers, new pistons, shorter intake runners, reshaped intake ports, and higher lift on the exhaust and intake valves, along with a new carbon-fiber manifold and airbox. The results were an astonishing 133HP/liter with total output rated at 597HP.

Building on the stunning lines penned by Donato Coco, additional exterior changes saw the Speciale benefit from updated front fascia with side fins and hood vents, a taller rear spoiler and redesigned bumpers, which include active aerodynamics designed by Ferrari Styling Centre in cooperation with Pininfarina to maximize and balance downforce, as well as minimize drag. 

The culmination of these improvements over the standard 458 led the Speciale to receive critical acclaim by journalists and enthusiasts alike upon its release in 2013, and has been the only car to unanimously win Evo’s prestigious Car Of The Year award in the history of the magazine. As Henry Catchpole noted, “Intensity, agility and a blistering pace are a given at this level, but the Speciale is something else… it flatters your driving but still tests your ability. Whatever your skill level, there’s never been a car that lets you fly so close to the sun.”

Over the years, the praise the 458 Speciale received has continued to age like a fine wine, with current reviews and enthusiasts continuing to sing praises about the near unbeatable driving experience the 458 Speciale offers to those lucky enough to get behind the wheel; everyone’s encounter with the Speciale since it’s debut has only further reaffirmed its brilliance. With its status as the final mid-engined naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari, and offering such a sublime driving experience, it is to no surprise that these cars are very quickly finding a special place in many prominent collector’s garages.